Best Black Friday Curved TV Deals UK 2021

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Curved TVs are an acquired taste, so much so most manufacturers exited the market soon after they entered it. There’s still one maker churning them out though: Samsung — and for as long as it continues to make them, there will be a continuous stream of Black Friday curved TV sales. But let’s not beat about the bush. You’re here to see all the best Black Friday curved TV deals, and we’ll be rounding them up below from November.

Today’s Best Black Friday Curved TV Deals UK

  • 65-inch Samsung RU7300 4K TV (Curved) — was £699, now £599 at Amazon

Where Are the Best Curved TV Deals on Black Friday?

There’s no one retailer that specializes in having the best Black Friday curved TV deals in town. In fact, due to their sparsity on the market, the only way to find Black Friday curved TV sales is to hunt around. Fortunately, we do that for you, cataloging the best offers here. Just don’t expect to see too many on sale at once. Samsung only has three curved TVs in its 2020 lineup, and most of the older models have already been sold off on the cheap.

Should You Buy a Curved TV on Black Friday?

Curved TVs have failed to catch on, but there are several reasons why you should buy one in 2020 with the main being they deliver a more immersive experience. It makes sense, too: By curving the image, it enters more of your peripheral vision, drawing you deeper into what you’re watching. The byproducts of this are enhanced depth and a wider field of view, making it feel as if you’re right there in the middle of the action.

Here’s the caveat: To really benefit from this you need to be sitting bang in the center of the screen, so much so the experience is actually rather poor for off-axis viewing. The result is an image that looks distorted with poor colour — and that’s what makes them an acquired taste. If there are a couple of people watching who can bunch up on the same sofa, they’re well worth the money, but in larger households they’ll fall short.

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