Best Black Friday Smart TV Deals UK 2021

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We’ve used all of the historic data we have on file to forecast the best Black Friday Smart TV deals we’ll see in the UK on Black Friday 2021. Just keep in mind that the first Black Friday Smart TV sales won’t arrive until November 8 at the earliest, so be sure to check back nearer the time for a live list of all the best Smart TV Black Friday deals.

Typically, it’s older models that receive the largest discounts. This means HDTVs will be cheaper than 4K TVs, and 4K TVs will be cheaper than 8K TVs on Black Friday 2021. It’s hard to find a 4K TV and 8K TV that isn’t bundled with some sort of smart software. The same can’t be said about HDTVs — expect to pay more for a Smart HDTV.

Of course, Smart TVs from brands nobody has ever heard of are going to be a lot cheaper than their household-name counterparts. This is true whether you’re shopping for an HDTV, 4K TV or 8K TV. Take it from us, though: You’re going to want to stick to the manufacturers you’re familiar with like LG and Samsung for the best results.

We’ve heard far too many horror stories of someone buying a 50-inch 4K TV made by a Chinese brand nobody has ever heard of on Black Friday, only to find it has stopped working a week later, yet those who forked out a little more for a comparable model from the likes of Sony are still using them a whole decade later.

Here’s are the brand you’re going to want to stick to:

  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Polaroid
  • TCL
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vizio

Not every television these companies make will be worthy of your hard-earned cash. It’s merely a list of the best TV brands you can shop in the UK that you should stick to while shopping the Black Friday Smart TV sales. By purchasing a television from one of these brands, you have some level of comfort that it’s built to last.

How to Choose a Smart TV on Black Friday

The first step in choosing a new Smart TV on Black Friday is settling on a screen size. Keep in mind though that TVs have frame, so if you only have 50 inches to spare, you’d probably need to opt for a model with 46-inch screen. Pull out a tape measure and figure out the ideal size, then come up with a list of features it needs to have.

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