Are Any Black Friday TV Deals Too Good to Be True?

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Not all Black Friday TV deals are worth it. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that for every good deal on Black Friday there are at least a dozen bad. But we’re here to help — we’re about to run through the tricks retailers use to dupe shoppers into taking home a bad deal so you know exactly what to be on the lookout for come November 26.

Most retailers treat Black Friday as a chance to offload stale stock (read: models people aren’t interested in) and they have to get creative to encourage you to buy them. One way they do this is by leaving out crucial information. Take HDTVs for example. You’d expect all of them to be smart, right? Wrong. Retailers use this to their advantage.

In some cases you may find an HDTV at an incredible price, but nowhere has the retailer mentioned that it isn’t a Smart HDTV. They’re relying on you to assume it is — chances are, you will. But they don’t want to give you time to think. Plastered all over the page are indicators that stock is running low and the item is in high demand.

Look familiar?

Our point? If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is — even on Black Friday. Don’t let any timer force your hand. Pause for a few seconds to research the item you’re looking at, taking to Google to make sure it has the feature(s) you have your heart set on to avoid disappointment when it arrives.

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