Where Are the Best Black Friday TV Deals in the UK?

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Wondering where to find the best Black Friday TV deals in the UK when Black Friday 2021 swings around? Amazon and John Lewis are at the forefront of the price-cutting action, but rival Very often sneaks up with a killer doorbuster that takes the cake. Alas, it’s difficult to tunnel in on one retailer. You’ll need to have a hunt around to see what’s offer — or follow our expert advice here at My Best Black Friday TV Deals.

On Black Friday 2020, Currys had the single best Black Friday TV deal in the UK, offering a 50-inch Samsung Q60T QLED 4K TV for £649 — down £250 from the usual £899. The offer sold out in record time. Given that Black Friday 2021 is still far in the distance, it’s hard to predict what we’ll see. If we had to hazard a guess though, we’d say steeper discounts on HDTVs and LED 4K TVs, and even cheaper QLED and OLED 4K TVs.

The one area we likely won’t see much movement is 8K TVs. These are still relatively new on the scene and represent the absolute bleeding-edge of home viewing, and with so few manufacturers working on them and production numbers still limited, we can’t imagine retailers having the excess stock nor the margins to sell these off at a considerable discount, with savings estimated to be somewhere in the region of £100-£300.

At first blush that may seem like a considerable reduction, but when you factor in these televisions cost north of £3000, it doesn’t even make a drop in the bucket. Having said that, if you have that kind of cash to burn, it’s unlikely you’ll be squabbling over a couple of hundred pounds. The fact of the matter is, 8K TVs will be discounted, even if it isn’t buy much, and that’s money better off in your pocket than someone else’s.

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